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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Excerpts From Putin's Diary

Entry: 1993
I can’t believe that the fucking Americans would double-cross me like this. Bush the Elder promised that there would be no attempt to encircle us with an expanded NATO, but this dick-wad Clinton has begun to do just that. They think we are too weak to resist (and for the moment, they’re right.)

Entry: 2006

Well, the Americans seem to have truly fucked up their invasion of Iraq. They basically misjudged the nature of the task at hand, send in too few troops, bungled the beginnings of the occupation (for which they did not prepare) and now have reaped the whirlwind. Not much of a super power by the looks of it.

Entry: 2007

Hah! The Americans have now managed to make us look good in comparison to their latest fuck-up in Afghanistan. They’re two-for-two in failed counterinsurgencies.

Make that three-for-three. (I forgot Vietnam.)

Entry: 2008

Now the Americans have triggered a world-wide recession/depression due to the greed of the Wall Street clique and the complicity of their elected officials. Between the Brits and the Yanks, it’s hard to tell who are the biggest gang of thieves. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Entry: 2013

Can you believe the Americans and their Syria gambit? They are so beholden to the Saudis and the Israelis that they feel forced to intercede in the hornet’s nest that is Syria. They’re even supporting elements of Al Qaeda! It’s surreal. Of course, the Saudis are key to the continuance of the Petrodollar system, so what real choice does Obama have? LMAO when the intervention got blocked by Congress. By the way, when did America become Israel’s bitch?

Entry: 2014

Now the Yanks are trying to incite the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine so their bankers – and the EU’s – can loot the country. Funny part is that we tapped Victoria Nuland’s conversation with their ambassador and can prove that they’re trying to install their own stooge, “Yats.” Will release it this week. Should be fun. They haven’t reckoned with the Nazi thugs that grow in the Ukraine like poppies.

Entry: 2014

Americans got their hands caught in the cookie jar and are embarrassed. That makes them dangerous. They seem almost desperate in their misrepresentation of what’s going on in Ukraine and the antecedent history. Of course, they don’t know any history – even their own – so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Entry: 2014

Got the EU by the balls. They’ll pass on any real sanctions or I’ll let them freeze their ass off next winter. Got Ukraine by the balls. They can’t afford energy I provide since they’re broke. Think I’ll raise the price anyway…just for laughs. Here’s the best part: any aid from US and EU will be passed through Ukraine to me to pay for oil and gas.
Sanctions my ass.

Entry: 2014

Haven’t has this much fun since the old KGB days!

Note: The author is not a member of the Putin Fan Club. But if you’re attempting to be a global strategist, it helps to spend some time trying to inhabit the mind of your adversary. Our “leaders” seem too busy smoking their own exhaust fumes.