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Friday, August 22, 2014

More Foolishness

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed how hard our government is working to get us re-involved in Iraq, find a back door into a previously (and appropriately) shot-down intervention in Syria, and provoke the Russians into a shooting war over Ukraine.

As I’ve suggested here before, I believe the U.S. has thoughtlessly provoked the Russians for decades – since the fall if the USSR – by seeking to surround them with new NATO members despite having promised not to do so back in the first Bush Administration. And I believe our hands are dirty as hell in Ukraine lately, trying to pin everything we can think of on Vladimir Putin while supporting a bunch of neo-Nazi’s in Kiev.

The Obama Administration tried – and failed - to get us into the Syrian civil war in 2013 using what was probably bogus intelligence on a Sarin gas attack that may actually have been launched by the side we were ostensibly supporting in that conflict.

Now, ISIS/ISIL, a group that is so bad that Al Qaeda kicked them out for being too extreme, has taken control of large swathes of both Syrian and Iraq with weapons most likely supplied by us and with funding support from our “ally,” Saudi Arabia.

This would be bad enough, but now the administration is trying to use the rise of a group that probably owes much of its capability to us as a reason to re-intervene in both Syria and Iraq.

Can our policies possibly be any more schizophrenic and self-defeating?

When will some American purporting to be a “leader” stand up and ask for an accounting of our misadventures over the last decade (starting with our invasion – and destabilization – of Iraq)? Or the shambles being made of our economy while Wall Street books record profits and pays obscene bonuses?

Yes, those last two are rhetorical questions.

There is not going to be such a question asked by any of the members of our corrupt-to-the-core elite because they’re all – one way or another – making money off the status quo.

The only way there will be an accounting is for the American people themselves to demand it.

Maybe the voters need to go on strike.

If that doesn’t work, the taxpayers can follow them.